Durweston Carols
The Durweston Carols are a unique group of carols sung for many generations by the people of a small Dorset village. This is the first recording.

It features lively performances of authentic arrangements for choir and instruments performed by the families who have kept the tradition alive.

The Carols: The Durweston Carols were probably composed between 1750 - 1850 and form part of an enormous forgotten repertory from English Parish Churches. Now known as ‘gallery carols’ they were performed by groups of voices and instruments in the west gallery of country parish churches and, until 1877, there was a gallery in Durweston Church. There is also related repertory from the Nonconformist Churches so these may have been sung at the old Methodist Church in Durweston.

The Performers: The Durweston Village Singers is an amateur choir of local residents who perform regularly at village events. The blend of children's and adult voices gives the choir an unusual and authentic sound.

The Durweston Village band, made up mostly of family members, is a mixed group of wind and strings recreating the instrumental accompaniments of the old carols.

The Durweston Old Codgers have a repertoire of traditional West Country folk songs which they perform at the Harvest Supper and other village events.

Trevor Lloyd Jones is music teacher and composer. For this recording he made new arrangements of all the surviving carols in an authentic style for the singers and instrumentalists available. He directs the performances.

Rachel Cook is an opera singer now based in Durweston where she formed and trained the Singers.

The DURWESTON CAROLS CD: The recording took place in St. Nicholas Church, Durweston at the end of December 2009 when the church was decorated for Christmas. In the festive atmosphere, when the musicians were not playing, several of them put down their instruments and sang! The music is interspersed with readings, one giving an account of the 1938 BBC broadcast and two Christmas bible readings.

There are short excerpts for you to listen to on this link EXCERPTS (which is at http://dairyhouserecords.official.fm)

also a YouTube link where the whole of SEE HEAVEN'S HIGH PORTALS can be viewed.

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